A Guide on How to Cancel an On The Beach Holiday in 2019

On The Beach is a holiday retailer in the UK. They act as a middleman selling flights and accommodation. The destinations are primarily in Europe, but they also offer holidays in a few locations in Asia, Africa, and America. They offer departures from airports all around the UK.  You can book package holidays or book an individual flight or hotel stay. If you want to cancel an On The Beach holiday booking, then read this guide.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call On The Beach by dialling 0371 474 3000 if you want assistance with cancelling your holiday over the phone. Unfortunately, On The Beach does not accept verbal cancellation requests. This means that if you get through to an On The Beach adviser, they will be able to explain your options but not action them.

2) If you are not sure about the terms of your booking, give them your reference number and explain the situation. In general, flights are non-refundable, but hotel refunds will depend upon the accommodation provider’s own policy. The airline and hotel may charge cancellation fees, which you would have to pay in addition to On The Beach’s expensive administration fee of £150 per booking for cancellations. If you are cancelling within 28 days of your holiday, then On The Beach will charge an extra £30 per person in fees.

3) The On The Beach adviser will explain the breakdown of your costs and fees if you do not understand them. In some cases, fees that they generate in your online account may be incorrect. You can challenge them if you feel that they are unreasonable and On The Beach might waive at least some of the charges.

Cancel Online

The only official channel for cancelling an On The Beach holiday is through the website. You must log into your account to manage your booking. Once you access your holiday details, you can amend them or cancel the booking using the available options. It will list all of the payments that you have already made and the remaining balance as well as the new fees for changes or cancellation. You will have to pay them to cancel.

If you experience any problems trying to amend or completely cancel a holiday through your account, then you can contact On The Beach online. Send an e-mail to customercare@onthebeach.co.uk, although it may not receive a fast response. You should contact them to complain or question expensive cancellation fees.

Cancel by Post

As mentioned, the only cancellation request that On The Beach claims to accept is through your account. This means that if you send it in writing, they are not likely to carry out the cancellation for you. As it will already take longer for them to receive and process the letter, you will be wasting even more time if they need to contact you before you can sort out the cancellation. However, if you want to escalate issues with cancellation, then post a letter to the head office of On The Beach. This is the address that you need to use:

On the Beach Limited
5 Adair Street
M1 2NQ