A Practical Guide on How to Cancel Plusnet in 2019

Are you switching away from Plusnet, or do you just think it’s time to cancel? Find out how to cancel your Plusnet contract by reading the guide below. It will tell you what to do and what to expect when you leave.

Cancel by Telephone

1. Call Plusnet on 0800 432 0200 to discuss leaving your contract. As an existing customer, press 3. At the second stage, press 4 for thinking of leaving. Then select 1 as a residential customer. Finally, press 2 and confirm again that you are thinking of leaving. You must be the main account holder or Plusnet cannot speak to you about cancelling the account. Have your username and password ready for security checks.

2. You need to tell Plusnet that you want to cease their service. Please note that this is different from a switch. If you are switching providers, you only need to contact them and they will deal with Plusnet for you. Ceasing services means they will not only reclaim equipment and close your account but disconnect services, which might result in extra charges. Plusnet might offer you a better contract to get you to stay.

3. If you have made up your mind to leave Plusnet, tell them so right away. The adviser can then look into your contract to find out how much you have to pay. If you cancel within 14 days of starting a contract, you are only liable to pay for any services you used during that time. However, if you cancel the contract during the minimum term, you must pay an early termination charge. They calculate this fee based on a pro-rata amount for monthly mobile contracts, or by multiplying the remaining months left in the minimum term.

4. When Plusnet increase their prices, you can cancel without having to pay the exit fee. Make sure to tell them if this is your reason for cancelling. Plusnet will require 14 days’ notice to cancel broadband, home phone, and TV contracts, and 30 days’ notice for mobile contracts. This means that you will have to pay for your usage until the end of the notice period, which will be the effective cancellation date. Plusnet will tell you when this date is, when you will receive your final bill, and how you need to pay outstanding charges.

Cancel Online

To cancel your Plusnet contract online, visit their website at plus.net and hover over or click on the “My Account” link. It will give you the option to sign in to your account for Plusnet broadband, home phone, and TV, or the separate account for Plusnet mobile. If you want to cancel both, you have to do it separately.

If you proceed as a mobile customer, the page will look like this. Sign in to view your account and contract.

For broadband, home phone, and TV customers, it will take you to the Member Centre. This is where you can sign in to manage your account. View your bills and usage and find information about your contract.

You will not be able to simply cancel your contract just by clicking a button in your account. Plusnet needs to confirm that you are the main account holder, you definitely want to cancel at this time, and what will happen if you do. They also need to confirm whether you are ceasing your service or switching providers. You can check your contract in your account to find the end date and required notice period. It might save you money to wait until your contract is due to renew before cancelling it, so you can avoid extra charges.

Cancel by Post

A slower but still sure way to cancel your Plusnet contract is to send a letter. Download, print, and fill out this cancellation form before mailing it to Plusnet at the address below. Remember that if it is outside of the 14-day cooling off period but within the minimum term, then Plusnet will include cancellation fees when they get in touch with your final bill. Depending on the length of your contract, these could be very expensive. Always exercise your right to leave without charges if Plusnet changes your contract prices. If you cancel by post, remember to use a recorded delivery method. Include the account holder name, phone number, and full address. Use your proof of delivery if Plusnet denies receiving your notice of cancellation.

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