An Entire Guide on How to Cancel Your Puregym Membership

You can cancel your Puregym membership by following the steps on this page.

Cancel By Telephone

You can cancel your Puregym membership via telephone call quickly and easily, to do this you can just follow the steps below:

  1. First, you can call the cancellation team on 0344 477 0005
  2. Once you are on the phone to a member of the team you need to explain that you would like to cancel your membership and why
  3. You will need to confirm your membership by telling the team member some personal details
  4. Once you have confirmed your identity your membership will be cancelled.

Cancel Online

Cancelling your Puregym membership online is easy, follow the below steps to cancel your membership fast:

  1. If you have multiple bank accounts you need to find out which bank account you use to pay for your Puregym membership.
  2. Once you know which bank you use for the membership you need to access your online banking (if you don’t online bank you will need to go into a physical bank to do the next steps or use the number above or follow the post steps below)
  3. To cancel your Puregym membership just cancel the direct debit you have with Puregym
  4. After you have cancelled the direct debit your membership should be cancelled too, any problems with this contact Puregym on the number above.

Cancel By Post

To cancel via postal service you need to collect your membership details and write a letter including them and explaining why you want to cancel your membership, once you have done this and sent the letter you should receive a reply in a few weeks. You can send the letter to:

Pure Gym Ltd,
Town Centre House,
Merrion Centre,