A Guide on How to Cancel an RBS Card in 2019

RBS is the Royal Bank of Scotland, one of the major banks in Scotland which also operates in the UK. If you are an RBS customer, then you might want to close your account and cancel a credit card or debit card. The following guide will show you what you can do to cancel your RBS card if you are not happy with this bank.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call RBS on 0345 724 2424 if you want to cancel your card. You should do this as soon as possible if the reason for cancelling is that your RBS card is lost or stolen. Press 1 if you want to speak to the RBS team as an existing customer. It will ask you to enter your customer number and your PIN. However, if you do not remember this information, then you can hold the line. It will transfer you through to an adviser anyway.

2) You will have to provide details to confirm that you are the cardholder before RBS will discuss the card and account with you. If you are cancelling due to fraudulent activity, then you will need to identify these transactions to RBS so that they can investigate and recover your money. To be able to cancel a credit card, you must pay off any outstanding balance and interest. They cannot close the credit card until you do this.

3) If you are cancelling your card due to theft, loss, or damage, then RBS will arrange for you to receive a new one in the post. They will send a replacement card and a new PIN separately which you can then use to update your payment details. If you are cancelling to open an account with another bank, then you could rely on the switching service rather than contacting RBS. For credit cards, you will need to actively cancel.

Cancel Online

You can only cancel your card online if it has been lost or stolen, and you can only do it if you are registered for Digital Banking with RBS. This service is accessible by logging in online or through the RBS mobile app.

They also have Credit Card Online Services specifically for credit cards with added features. However, it is the core Digital Banking service which offers the ability to freeze or cancel a card within your RBS account.

When you log into Digital Banking, go to the “manage card” section and report a card as either lost or damaged to order a replacement. This will take 5-7 working days to arrive, and you cannot use the “Get Cash” feature in the app for at least 2 days after RBS issues your new card. If you do not want to replace your card and want to cancel it completely, then you need to contact RBS directly. You can submit an e-mail form here and then wait for them to contact you back to confirm your instructions for cancellation. You can also submit online forms if you want to cancel a recurring payment for a debit card or credit card.

Cancel by Post

If you would like RBS to close your card account, then you can also write to them. Send a letter asking them to do this to the customer services PO Box address below. You should include details such as your customer number, address, and contact details. RBS may have to contact you to confirm your written request before they will actually close your card. You should bear in mind that during the time it takes for the letter to get to them and be processed, your account may still be accruing interest. This means that you might still have to make a final payment even if you have already cleared your credit card. If you are cancelling a debit card which is your only RBS account, you should have made arrangements and transferred your money to a new account with another bank beforehand. You can return the card with the letter as long as you destroyed it.

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