A Guide on How to Cancel a Ryanair Flight in 2019

Ryanair is a low-cost airline based in Ireland and one of the largest airlines in Europe. The airline is known for flight cancellations, but if you want to cancel your Ryanair flight yourself, you should follow this guide.

Cancel by Telephone

1. Call Ryanair on 0330 1007 838 to speak to a customer services adviser about cancelling your flight. You won’t have to press any menu navigation buttons, but you will have to wait on hold to speak to somebody. Depending on your reason, you might not actually need to cancel. Ryanair can help you to change flights.

2. Ryanair can make changes to your booking up to 2.5 hours before departure. However, such changes are subject to extra fees, which can range from £40 to £160. If it is not just the name or time which is an issue, you might want to book another flight instead to avoid more fees. However, Ryanair will not allow you to cancel the original flight. All Ryanair flights are amendable, but non-refundable, which means that you can change certain booking details but you cannot cancel the booking altogether. You can notify Ryanair that you are no longer able to use the flight, but you they won’t give a refund for any part of the booking.

3. If you are unable to travel, you can apply for a Government Tax refund within a month. The fee for this is £17, so if the refund is equal or less than £17 then you won’t receive anything. Ryanair may grant a refund at their discretion under certain circumstances. This is usually in the case of the death or serious illness of a customer or immediate family member which prevents you from travelling as scheduled. If this happens you must provide Ryanair with evidence when you request a refund so that they can approve your request.

Cancel Online

When you make amendments to a booking over the phone, Ryanair will add a fee for making changes for you. It is easy to avoid this extra cost by making the amendments yourself. Go to the Ryanair website and click on “My Bookings” to access your account. You should have registered for a myRyanair account when you booked your flight. If you are not new to booking Ryanair flights, you will definitely have an account.

Log into your myRyanair account with your Facebook or Google account, but only if this is the account you used to make the booking. Otherwise, log in by entering your e-mail address and password. If you made a guest booking and don’t have an account, you must enter the reservation number and your e-mail address to access the booking. Whichever way you log in, it will allow you to make amendments to the reservation.

If Ryanair has cancelled your flight, you can log in this way and select either a full refund or to change your flight. However, if you want to cancel your flight yourself, there will not be an option for a refund. You will be able to amend traveller names, the flight route, time, or date, and baggage until the day of the flight. If you notice a minor mistake with this information within 24 hours of booking, you can amend it at no extra charge. After 24 hours, you must pay the administration fees to make changes. Despite the often expensive fees, you might consider amending your flight to a more suitable date instead of losing the money for the original booking. Before doing this, you should compare prices for the new booking to check if it would be cheaper for you to simply write off the booking and make a completely different one. The choice is yours.

Cancel by Post

Ryanair bookings and amendments are primarily done online or by phone through the call centre. If you have enough time before your flight, you might want to write a letter to Ryanair to request a change. You would need to send it via tracked delivery to make sure it gets to them. Include your reservation number, the details of your booking, your full name and e-mail address, and a contact number for Ryanair to reach you. They will need to contact you back to discuss the changes and take payment over the phone. You will not be able to send a cheque in the post to pay that way. This is why it is much faster and easier to manage your Ryanair booking online or to contact the customer services team by phone. However, if you do want to write a letter to Ryanair, including pre-departure and post-departure complaints, then you can send it to the address below and Ryanair should respond within 15 working days of receiving the letter from you.

Ryanair Ltd
Customer Services
PO Box 11451
Co Dublin