A Guide on How to Cancel a Santander Credit Card in 2019

Santander is a bank which offers a range of credit cards to suit different needs. If you decide to cancel your All in One Credit Card, Everyday Credit Card, Zero Credit Card, or Santander World Elite Mastercard, then follow the steps in this guide. This will show you what you need to do to cancel your Santander credit card.

Cancel by Telephone

1. To cancel a Santander credit card over the phone, call Santander customer services on 0800 389 7000. It will connect you to their answering service, which requires you to select a numbered option. You’ll need to press 2 for “credit cards” then press 4 for “self-service and all other credit card transactions.” Then you must enter your 16-digit credit card number to proceed. You can explain that you want to cancel when you get through to a customer service adviser at Santander. They will assist you with cancelling the credit card.

2. You have 14 days to withdraw from the credit card agreement. This period starts from the day after you receive your new credit card. When you cancel during this time, you will have 30 days to repay any money you borrowed, plus any interest charges. Santander will tell you how much you need to pay. They will also ask you to destroy or return the credit card. You are still able to cancel at any time after the 14 days are up.

3. If you are cancelling after 14 days, at any point in your agreement, you need to pay the full amount that you owe to Santander. You must reduce your balance to nil in order to close your credit card account. They can place a pending closure block on the credit card if you request this. You will not be able to use the card but it will stop the application of further monthly fees (excluding interest). Santander will automatically close your credit card account within 30 days of you paying off the remaining balance until it reaches zero.

Cancel Online

Many Santander customers keep on top of their accounts with Online Banking. If you have Online Banking, click here to log into your account. First, you must enter your Personal ID number. Then you will have to go through the security steps. Check that the unique image and phrase you set up previously are correct. Next enter the selected characters or numbers from your password and security number. Click “Continue.”

You will then find yourself logged in to your account. It will look like the image below. Click on the “Credit Cards” tab in the menu at the top of the screen. It will go to your Santander account credit card summary.

In your summary, you will be able to view your statements and make payments. It is important that you do this before trying to cancel so that you know how much you owe. If you are unable to pay off the remaining balance in full, you should contact Santander to request a pending closure block while you make payments.

Since there are complications with closing a credit card, you are not able to simply cancel it with one click through your online account. You will need to telephone Santander, visit a branch, or write them a letter.

Cancel by Post

To cancel your Santander credit card by post, you must write a letter to the customer services department. Include your credit card number, name, address, branch name and sort code, and account number. Since this is sensitive information, be sure to send it via a secure and recorded delivery method. Santander will be in touch with you to confirm the cancellation and claim the payments you still owe on the credit card. You can make repayments online or over the phone, or go into a branch to pay by cash or cheque. If you would rather pay by post as well, then you can send a cheque with your account number written on the back to Clearing Centre, Santander Cards Limited, Bridle Road, Bootle, L30 4GB. For letters giving notice of cancellation, you must send these to the customer services department PO box at the following address:

Credit Card Customer Service
Santander UK plc
PO Box 983