A Guide on How to Cancel Scottish Power in 2019

Thinking of leaving Scottish Power? Whatever the reason for cancelling your Scottish Power contract, this guide will tell you how to do it. Find out how to close your Scottish Power account and finish their services.

Cancel by Telephone

1. Call Scottish Power on 0800 027 0072 to cancel your contract over the phone. The answering service will prompt you to press 1 if you are calling from the property you want to discuss, or 2 if not. Then you should enter your Scottish Power account number or agreement number and the hash key. The next step involves five options. Press 1 if you are moving home and that is why you want to cancel. Otherwise, press a number according to your payment method to discuss your account. You can then talk to a person about cancelling.

2. The options are to press 2 if you pay by inserting a key card or token, press 3 if you pay by Direct Debit or weekly instalments, or press 4 if you pay by any other method. This should then transfer you through to an adviser at Scottish Power. Once you confirm your identity by providing your details, they will discuss your account with you. If you explain that you want to cancel, they will discuss other options. They might find a cheaper tariff for you to switch to if you would prefer to stay with Scottish Power and have less costly bills.

3. If you are cancelling someone else’s account due to bereavement, explain these circumstances straight away. Otherwise, you might want to talk through your options if you are switching suppliers so Scottish Power can assist you with the move. If you are set on closing your account without using the switching process, then insist on this at the earliest opportunity. The adviser will be able to explain the terms and conditions for cancelling your contract on the current date. Cancellation fees depend on the contract type. Some tariffs allow you to switch freely to another tariff. If there is a cancellation fee, it will usually be £60.

Cancel Online

You can manage your Scottish Gas account for electricity and gas bills online. Simply go to the website on scottishpower.co.uk and click on “My Account” to the right. Press the “Login now” button or “Register.”

This will take you to the log-in page. Sign in by entering your e-mail address and password to access your Scottish Power account. You will be able to view your statements and your tariffs. Check the conditions of cancellation in your tariff terms here before cancelling. There is no button to press to cancel, because they will need to speak with you first to make sure you genuinely intend to cancel your Scottish Power contract.

You can discuss leaving Scottish Power online via web chat with a customer services adviser. They will go through the same process as you would if you were speaking to an adviser on the telephone. Alternatively, send an e-mail to contactus@scottishpower.com stating your cancellation request. You must include your customer number, your tariff type, the start and end dates of your contract, and other details such as your address and contact telephone number. Scottish Power will be in touch to discuss the cancellation process.

Cancel by Post

Cancelling by post means that it might take longer for Scottish Power to receive and process your request. If you would still rather do it this way, then you can download and print off this cancellation form. Simply fill it out and mail it to the address below. You should pay a little extra for recorded postage and keep your receipt. If any delays occur, you can prove when Scottish Power received your cancellation notice. Ensure that you include all the information as mentioned above for cancelling by e-mail. This will save time since Scottish Power won’t need to contact you to confirm your identity or account details. They will only need to reach you to explain how closing your account works, your final bills, and if there is a cancellation fee.

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