A Quick Guide on How to Cancel Sky Go Extra in 2019

Sky Go is a free service for Sky TV customers, which allows them to watch Sky on up to 2 smart devices. However, if customers want to download content to watch offline, or access Sky through a games console, then they will have to subscribe to Sky Go Extra. This costs £5 a month, but if you have Sky Multiscreen it is also free. If you do not pay for it, then there is no need to cancel. You can simply stop using the service. If you want to cancel a Sky Go Extra subscription to save £5 a month, then follow the guide below to do that.

Cancel by Telephone

1) The fastest method of cancelling any Sky subscription is to call them on the phone. Call Sky on 0344 241 1653. It will prompt you to enter the primary phone number for your Sky account. Alternatively, if you wait for a few seconds, it will give you the opportunity to state the reason for your call. You can say “cancel Sky Go” as your reason. Otherwise, if you keep holding the line then there will be an automated list of options.

2) If you take the third route, then you should press 1 as an existing Sky customer. Press 6 to reduce your Sky subscription. Then press 2 to cancel a part of your Sky subscription. If you want to cancel Sky TV and not just a part of it, then follow this guide instead. When you press 2, it should connect you to a Sky agent right away. Tell them that you are giving them notice of cancellation for your Sky Go Extra subscription.

3) Bear in mind that Sky has a notice period of 31 days for cancellations. So, if you want to cancel Sky Go Extra, then you need to call them 31 days before your monthly renewal date. Otherwise, they will only cancel your subscription the following month after charging another £5 for the continued service. The same applies if you have a Sky Go Extra free trial and want to cancel it before it becomes a subscription. You are able to cancel Sky Go Extra within 14 days of starting the subscription and ask them for a refund.

Cancel Online

If you prefer to do things online or don’t have the time to talk on the phone, then there are other ways to cancel Sky Go Extra. Sign into your Sky account on the sky.com website to view and manage your Sky TV subscriptions, including Sky Go and Sky Go Extra. There should be online messaging available so that you can talk with a Sky agent in a live chat. Your notice will be effective immediately, as it is over the phone.

You can do the same thing through the app if you have it on a smart device. Another way to cancel Sky Go Extra online is to send an e-mail to mysky@sky.uk. If you do this, they might have to return your e-mail and verify details before the notice becomes effective. However, it will still be effective from the date that you sent the notice of cancellation originally. They will stop your subscription 31 days from your notice. If your payment date falls within those 31 days, then you can still access the service up until the next date of payment, when your subscription will cease properly. You could still use regular Sky Go for free after that.

Cancel by Post

Writing a cancellation letter to Sky slows the process down a lot. Unfortunately, Sky does not accept notice of cancellation until you can verify all of your account details with an agent. This is why it is faster to do it on the phone or through a live chat. Sky will send a letter back to you acknowledging your letter to them. They will also contact you by phone to verify your details and confirm the cancellation. Only then will the notice be effective. The same rules will apply to this as to all of the cancellation methods mentioned above.

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