A Thorough Guide on How to Cancel Sky in 2019

Do you want to cancel your Sky media package without any hassle? Then read this guide to find out how you can cancel your expensive Sky subscriptions and services and save money by using cheaper providers.

Cancel by Telephone

Sky requires direct contact with the contracted customer to cancel their Sky services. One way to do this is to call their customer services team and request to cancel. They should transfer you to the retentions team. When you call Sky with the intention of cancelling your subscription, you should take the following steps:

1. Make sure that you know your Sky iD number and all the login and contact details associated with your account, and the terms of your Sky contract. You can check all of this information in your online account, which you can access by following the steps further down the page. Having this ready will speed things up.

2. Call Sky customer services on  0344 241 1653 and say “cancel Sky” when the automated service asks you why you are calling. It will tell you if there is a wait time to speak to an adviser. You can press 4 if you want to reduce your subscription or leave Sky. It will then give you the option of pressing 1 to completely cancel Sky or to cancel a part of your Sky services. You must be the named account holder to verify this.

3. If you are just trying to get a better deal, call to cancel once an initial offer period has ended and you are now paying the higher default prices. Sky has been known to offer discounts to individuals to retain these customers, though this does mean signing another contract locking you in for at least a year. The adviser is likely to try to persuade you to either upgrade or downgrade your subscriptions. Stick to your decision to cancel if you are definitely certain about leaving Sky for good. Be firm with the adviser so they know this.

The contact number for Now TV is available directly from their website at no or lower cost

Call connection service, calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge, operated by Call and Connect.

Things to Remember

Many Sky packages have a contract length of 12 or 18 months which you commit to when you sign up. You are obligated to give 31 days’ notice if you want to cancel Sky. If the notice period ends before your contract does, then Sky will charge you cancellation fees. This charge will depend on the remainder of your contract length and the products you subscribe to. You can leave with no fees if Sky increases the price of a product partway through your contract. Let them know that you are exercising the right to do so if it is the reason.

If you are switching to a new provider, you usually don’t have to contact Sky, because the provider will do it for you when they are arranging your new services. The exceptions are Virgin Media and BT Fibre and Ultrafast Fibre. If you are switching to these, you must contact Sky so they can cancel your Broadband or Talk services. Subject to your notice period, Sky can arrange for your services to terminate as close to the activation date for your new services as possible, so that you are not left without them in the meantime.

Please do not try to avoid the cancellation process by simply writing to Sky and then cancelling your Direct Debit. Outstanding balances, including cancellation fees dependent on the notice date, will need to be paid. Sky cannot charge these if you cancel your Direct Debit, and your Sky account will fall into debt. It will not be officially cancelled until Sky confirm it with you directly, so you may continue to be charged for their services even if you stopped using them. They will return any credit to your bank account after 45 days.

Cancel Online

You might want to access your Sky online account for an overview of what you are paying for. Instead of switching or cancelling, you might decide to just downgrade your services to a cheaper level. To sign in to your Sky account, simply visit the Sky homepage at sky.com and click on the prominent “sign in” buttons.It will take you to the Sky account area, where you will need your Sky iD to sign in. When you have logged in, you will be able to see your bills and products and check the cancellation terms in the service contract.

If you decide to cancel your services, it is sadly not as simple as clicking on a “Cancel” button. Since phone calls with Sky advisers can result in long discussions trying to keep you on another contract, it is probably easier for you to request cancellation through the live chat. You need to log in with your Sky iD to be able to speak to a Sky expert. Be as straightforward as possible to insist that you are notifying Sky of cancellation and provide any relevant information they ask for to verify this request. The expert can tell you about fees.

Cancel by Post

E-mail is faster than post, so if you want to cancel in writing without speaking to someone directly, then you can send an e-mail to mysky@sky.uk. If you still want to write a letter, you can mail it to the address below. The downside of this is that you will still have to speak to Sky to confirm the cancellation. Include all of your contact details and your account number so that they can reach you. It can take them 5 days to reply, and your notice period will only begin from the date Sky receives the letter, not the date you sent it.

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