A Guide on How to Cancel a Thomas Cook Flight in 2019

Thomas Cook Airlines offers flights in addition to the accommodation and package holidays on offer from Thomas Cook. Unfortunately, their standard flight fares are non-refundable. You may lose less money by paying to change the names on a booking instead. If you still want to cancel your Thomas Cook flight, see the information below on how to do this. Use the most appropriate method for how much time you have.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call Thomas Cook on 01733 224808 to cancel your flight. Press 2 to confirm that you have already made a booking but have not travelled yet. Then press 1 for flight-only bookings. If your reference begins with a P or Q, then press 1. Otherwise, press 2 for other reference numbers. This will transfer you to the relevant department at Thomas Cook. Be ready to provide your booking details when you get through to a person.

2) When the agent locates your booking information, explain that you need to cancel your booking. You will lose the full value of any standard ticket that you cancel. However, if you booked a Flex fare and are cancelling more than 25 hours before the flight, then you will be able to get a refund. This is subject to a cancellation fee deduction of £35 for short haul flights, £50 for medium haul, or £100-150 for long haul.

3) Before cancelling, you may want to discuss other options for what you can do with your booking. You may be able to amend the flight for additional fees without losing the full fares or paying a cancellation fee. This depends on what you would prefer to do. It could be cheaper and easier to change dates or names.

Cancel Online

If you do not want to talk on the phone, then you can try to cancel your flight online. Log in to “Manage My Booking” to do what it says on the tin and manage your booking. You will need the booking number, date, and passenger surname to access it. Thomas Cook only accepts changes that are made by the lead booker.

Another way to directly submit a cancellation request is to submit an online form. You will also be able to request a proof of cancellation letter at the same time if you want to claim against travel insurance to get your money back. You will only be able to do it if you took out valid travel insurance to cover the booking.

If you want to discuss your options and costs before cancelling, you can speak to a Thomas Cook agent in the online live chat. You can access the Thomas Cook Airlines live chat when you click on the button here.

Alternatively, you can also access the live chat from the “Contact Us” page on the individual Thomas Cook Airlines website. Follow this link and click the “Start live chat” button to start the live chat in the window.

You will need to provide your booking reference to do this. If you do decide to cancel, they may not be able to accept your notice or process the cancellation for you through the live chat. If this is the case, they will give you the right details to handle your request and tell you what to do to confirm the flight cancellation.

Cancel by Post

It is not advisable to cancel by post unless you are not only certain that Thomas Cook will receive your cancellation notice, but that they will process it in time. For standard tickets, this may not matter, since you won’t be getting a refund anyway. But if you have a Flexible fare, you need to make sure to request cancellation 25 hours before departure at the very latest. You can send the letter by tracked post to the address below if you booked directly with Thomas Cook Airlines. Otherwise, you must contact the travel agent instead and write to their address. In either case, include the details of your booking, and reference numbers. Include your contact details as well so that they get in touch to actually confirm the cancellation.

Thomas Cook Airlines
c/o Hanger 1
Western Maintenance Area
Runger Lane
Manchester Airport
M90 5FL