A Guide on How to Cancel Your Three Contract in 2019

Three is a major mobile network provider, but it also has major complaints. Do you want to get out of your current contract with Three? Follow the steps below in this helpful guide to be free of your Three contract.

Cancel by Telephone

1. Three generally requires speaking to the contract holder over the phone to confirm cancellation. To do this, call 0333 338 1001 and press 1 for enquiries about existing accounts. It will then prompt you to enter the mobile number for the account you wish to discuss. Once you get through to an adviser, you can ask to be transferred to Cancellations. If you are just hoping to negotiate a better deal, ask to speak to Retentions.

2. When you call Three to cancel a contract, you will need to verify that you are the account holder. You will need to have your mobile number, address, date of birth, and associated e-mail address ready. They might ask you for any of these details before they can discuss or make important changes to your Three account.

3.  You need to give 30 days’ notice when you cancel your contract. If you want to avoid paying extra fees, you should wait until 30 days before your contract is due to expire. You can check this date in your account or call to ask. Contracts with Three are usually 12 or 24 months. Cancelling before the end of your contract will incur termination fees, which can get expensive. If you are on Pay As You Go, you don’t have to worry about that. If not, you’ll end up having to pay up to 97% of the cost of your remaining monthly payments.

4. Three will no doubt try to persuade you to sign another contract with them. If you are set on cancelling, tell them that you are already with another provider, even if this isn’t true yet. You should request a PAC code for transferring your phone number. You should do this even if you aren’t keeping your number, as they must send you a PAC within two hours, which forces them to agree to cancel your current contract. You can get in touch with Three again if you have further questions about your Direct Debit or final bill.

Cancel Online

When you buy a device or SIM and accompanying contract online, you have 14 days to change your mind and return them. This will trigger a refund, minus any services you have used, and cancel your contracts. Bear in mind that this only applies to online distance sales, and does not apply to purchases you’ve made in Three stores. After this, you can’t return physical products and must adhere to the 30 day notice period and applicable cancellation charges. You can check the terms and conditions of your contract by visiting three.co.uk and clicking “Log In” in the top right to take you to the My3 log-in page. Enter your mobile number and password to access your My3 account and then check the cancellation terms for your plan.

If you stay on the page for long enough, a Live Chat tab should appear on the left side of the page. Click this to start a live chat with an adviser. Usually, they will not action cancellation requests if you make them via Live Chat, but you can use this tool to discuss termination charges and options for upgrades if you decided to stay with Three. They will request that you call customer services on the phone to confirm cancellation.

Since they cannot risk accidental or unauthorized cancellations, there is no way to simply press a button in a My3 account and finish the contract. Three will need to discuss your payments and options with you first.

Cancel by Post

If you want to avoid sales pitches and retention attempts, don’t speak to a Three adviser. Although they do not advertise it, notifying them of a cancellation by post should be sufficient. As long as you specify that you want them to cancel your contract, and include your details to prove that you are the contract holder, then they should have no reason not to action your request. Include your name, mobile number, address, e-mail address, and even date of birth. Sign and the letter and date it, then send it by recorded delivery to the address below. You can prove that they received it and the date by checking the tracking. They should send you a confirmation letter letting you know when your services will disconnect and then the final bill.

Three Customer Services
Hutchison 3G UK Ltd
PO Box 333
G2 9AG