A Guide on How to Cancel a Travel Money Card in 2019

The Travel Money Card is a pre-payment card for customers to use when they are on holiday abroad. The Post Office offers the Travel Money scheme as one of their financial services. However, some people find that this card is not the right option for them or have trouble using it. Follow this guide if you decide that you want to cancel your Post Office Travel Money card at any stage. These are the steps you’ll have to take.

Cancel by Telephone

Call the Post Office helpline on 0345 8500 900 and go through the menu options to get help with your card. A customer service representative will be able to tell you what to do and who to contact to resolve any issue you are having with a Post Office product. When you get through to the Travel Money Card team, have your card number and details ready. Explain that you want to cancel the card and they can tell you what you will need to do first, such as withdrawing remaining funds or returning or destroying the card. You must ask to cancel your card immediately if it is lost or stolen, to avoid anyone else being able to access your money. It may require paying an extra fee if you are on holiday and need a courier to deliver the replacement card to you there. If you just want to cancel your card instead of using it, then you can do so and request a refund.

Cancel Online

Manage your Travel Money Card by logging into your online account to view your details and documents. If anything is wrong with your account or the details of your card, then contact the Post Office as soon as possible. You will usually have to speak to a person at the Post Office over the phone or in person at one of their branches to cancel your card quickly and organize a refund of the balance if there is money left on it.

You can access account management features through the mobile app too, which is available for Android as well as iOS devices. This includes reporting a lost or stolen card and ordering a replacement to wherever you are. You can withdraw the cash from your card at ATMs and then forget about the empty card if you do not want to contact the Post Office about it. However, do not throw away a card without cutting it up first. If you experience problems trying to access your money before cancelling a Travel Money Card, then you will need to go to a branch or call them on the phone. You can use the branch locator online or in the app. If you want to contact the Post Office online, then you can submit a contact form with a cancellation enquiry.

Cancel by Post

It is a slower method, but if you prefer to write letters, then you can request to cancel your Travel Money Card by posting a letter to the address below. First Rate Exchange Services handle the Travel Money card accounts on behalf of the Post Office. You should include your card number and name and address in the letter. You should also specify whether you want them to refund the balance by cheque or cash. This only applies if you are cancelling within 14 days of activating the card. Otherwise, it is best to contact the Post Office directly and discuss your options. You can also write to the Post Office at the second address below.

Post Office Travel Money Card
First Rate Exchange Services Limited
Great West House
Great West Road

Post Office Limited
Finsbury Dials
20 Finsbury Street