A Quick Guide on How to Cancel Twitch Prime in 2019

If you would like to know how to cancel your Twitch prime subscription you can do so by following the instructions on this page.

Cancel Via Phone Call

Cancelling by telephone call is the quickest and easiest way to cancel your Twitch prime subscription. Follow the below steps to cancel calling Twitch.

  1. You will need to have your Twitch account information ready as well as your subscription and some personal details as you will need to provide this on the phone to allow them to identify your account
  2. Once you are on the phone to a member of the Twitch team you need to inform them that you would like to cancel your Twitch Prime account, you can provide them will reasons if you wish to.
  3. You may be able to receive a refund for any remaining months or days you have already paid for, if so this will be paid into the account it was taken out of.
  4. Your account should then be cancelled.

Cancel Online

To cancel your Twitch Primes subscription you can follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Log into your Amazon account

All Twitch Prime account is attached to an Amazon account, you need to log into the account your Twitch Prime is attached to on the Amazon website.

Step 2 – Go to your prime membership

On the top right-hand corner of the page, you should see your name. Hover over your name and you should see a drop-down menu, on that menu you need to click ‘Your Prime Membership’.

Step 3 – End membership and benefits

You will be taken to your prime membership page and the next thing you need to do is select the ‘end your membership and benefits’ section which is on the left-hand side of the screen.

Once you have selected end membership and benefits, follow the on-screen instructions and your prime subscription will be cancelled. Unfortunately, the only way to cancel Twitch prime is to also cancel Amazon prime, if you want to just disconnect your Twitch account from Amazon to keep prime you can do that in the setting of your Twitch account.