A Guide on How to Cancel a Vanquis Card in 2019

Vanquis is a bank offering Visa credit cards in the UK. It provides credit for people with poor credit history so that they can try to improve their credit score. The interest rates are often very high with Vanquis. If you do not want to pay for your Vanquis card anymore then you can pay it off and close it for good. Follow this guide and use the steps below to cancel your Vanquis card. Here are the ways that you can cancel Vanquis:

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call Vanquis customer services on 0330 099 3000 to get help with your Vanquis card and account. Press 1 if you need to cancel your card because it is lost or stolen. Or just press 2 to manage your Vanquis account.

2) You will then have to enter your 16-digit Vanquis card number to proceed. If you don’t, then it will take longer to get through to a person at Vanquis because you will have to go through some additional security checks. If you have more than one card, make sure to provide the information for the Vanquis card you are trying to cancel. Then tell the Vanquis representative that you want to cancel a card when you get through.

3) They can explain the terms and conditions of your Vanquis card to you. Vanquis allows you to withdraw from a credit agreement within 15 days if you change your mind, as long as you repay anything that you owe. After that, your agreement is ongoing, but you can pay off your balance early at any time and ask to close the credit card. It can take a month to do so as there may be trailing interest on your final statement.

Cancel Online

You can manage your Vanquis account yourself if you register for an online account on eVanquis. Sign into your account here using your internet ID and memorable word. You can make payments online to clear off the outstanding balance on your card. Vanquis will not allow you to close your card until you pay all of this.

There is no option to cancel a card in your online account. Vanquis requires notice from you to cancel so that they can calculate your final payments. You might have to wait for your next statement to fully close your card due to residual interest on your account. Once you pay that off as well, Vanquis will confirm the closure. You should destroy the card and/or return it to Vanquis if they advise you to send it back to them.

Cancel by Post

If you want to give written notice of your intent to cancel your Vanquis card, then it is much faster to send an e-mail. You can contact Vanquis by e-mail at customer.relations@vanquisbank.co.uk. If you would like to write a letter to Vanquis, then use the Freepost address below. Alternatively, you can remove that part of the address and pay for a trackable postage method instead. This will allow you to check when Vanquis has received the letter, though it may take longer for them to actually read it. They will only take action toward your account and card as soon as they process it. This could mean waiting even longer for final statements.

Vanquis Customer Relations
PO Box 399