A Complete Guide on How to Cancel Virgin Media in 2019

Are you looking to cancel Virgin Media fast?  This page will give you all the information you need to cancel your Virgin Media subscription services and help you to save your valuable money and time while you do it.

Cancel By Telephone

In order to cancel your Virgin Media subscription by telephone, you will need to do the following things:

1. Make a note of your Virgin Media account name and number, all of the services you subscribe to which you intend to cancel, the monthly cost of these, your contract end date and the cancellation terms. Find this information on correspondence from Virgin Media or simply log into your online account to see this.

2. Call Virgin Media on 0345 454 1111 and press option 1, then 1 again. You will need to enter your Virgin Media home phone number or press the hash key then enter your account number to progress with the call. Ask to speak to the cancellations team, or specifically for retentions if you hope to get a better deal.

3. If you want to negotiate prices with Virgin Media, make sure you have price comparisons to prove you are serious about leaving Virgin Media for somewhere cheaper. They will review your package costs with you and sometimes offer up to 25% reductions. However, this isn’t guaranteed, so it is your risk to take.

4. If you simply want to cancel your Virgin Media services with no discussion, tell the adviser this straight away to avoid wasting your time. Whether your contract term is 9, 12, 18, 0r 24 months, there is a notice period of 30 days for cancellations. If you are cancelling before the contract ends, there will be an exit fee.

Things to Remember

Virgin Media is known for their expensive early disconnection fees. Consider whether or not you can afford to cancel if you will also have to pay for services from somewhere else to replace them. This fee is charged instead of the monthly payments remaining on your contract, and usually won’t cost more than the total of the services you would have been paying for. Virgin Media caps the early disconnection fee at £240, so leaving before the end of the minimum term could cost you anywhere up this amount. You still have to pay the fee if you are cancelling because you are moving, unless you are moving your Virgin Media services to the new address as well. If you have a rolling 30-day contract, then you don’t have to worry about exit fees.

If you are leaving because you are switching to a new provider, you will still be subject to these fees if you are exiting a contract during the minimum term. Normally, most providers will take care of the switching process for you, so you don’t have to call and cancel your old services yourself. Virgin Media has its own network, which means that you must contact them directly to cancel as well as contacting a new provider to co-ordinate the switch. You shouldn’t cancel your Virgin Media services until you already have plans in motion to replace them, or you could be left without internet or phone services when you still need them.

When you cancel your Virgin Media services, any products which came with them will need to be returned. They could charge you for the cost of the router or TV box if you don’t give them back. Virgin Media should send you pre-paid packaging to use to return the item via CollectPlus. They will tell you when you cancel if your product is one which needs to be returned to them or not. Some older products are free to keep if you want to, but you won’t be able to use them anyway. Virgin Media can advise you how to recycle such items.

Cancel Online

To cancel your Virgin Media services and account online, go to the Virgin Media website, virginmedia.com.

Click on the “My Virgin Media” tab at the top of the homepage to be taken to the log-in and management page for your account. Click to sign in and enter your log-in details to access your Virgin Media account. Your username will be the e-mail address you used when you registered with Virgin Media, and passwords are 6-10 characters long and contain at least one number. Click the reset prompts if you have forgotten.

Once in your account, you can locate all the information you need about your products, bills, and contract. Make sure you know which contract you have, as this will affect any additional charges you incur if you are cancelling early. Unfortunately, you cannot trigger disconnection by yourself. You’ll have to contact Virgin Media directly, verbally or in writing, to confirm your identity as the account holder and verify your desire to terminate the contract and your understanding of the consequences of this action, such as exit charges.

Cancel By Post

To cancel your Virgin Media subscription by post, state in writing that you are handing in your 30 days’ notice and want to end the services you are receiving. Include your name, address, account number and any contract reference numbers, telephone number, and your reasons for cancelling. It is important to specify if you are cancelling due to price increases, as this could exempt you from having to pay an early disconnection fee. Send the letter via recorded post to the below address, so that you can track delivery. Virgin Media should contact you regarding any outstanding balances or refunds which are owed to you.

Virgin Media
Unit 5 Nimbus Park
Porz Avenue
Houghton Regis