A Total Guide on How to Cancel Vodafone in 2019

Do you want to cancel your Vodafone contract quickly? This page will make it easy for you, with all the information that you’ll need to completely cancel your Vodafone services and your Vodafone account.

Cancel by Telephone

Cancelling your Vodafone contract over the telephone will require you to carry out the following steps:

1. Write down your Vodafone mobile phone number if you want to call to cancel your mobile contract, or make sure that you know your broadband account number or landline phone number for those contracts.

2. Call Vodafone customer services on 0333 304 0191. Press 1 and it will prompt you to enter your mobile number to discuss your mobile account, or your account number or home phone number to discuss your broadband or landline. Otherwise, press 2 and ask to speak to the cancellations or retentions department.

3. Explain that you are providing notice that you intend to cancel your contract. Vodafone requires a 30-day notice period, which means that when you request to cancel they will only terminate your contract 30 days from the date of your request. The best time to cancel is 30 days before your contract is due to expire anyway. If you cancel at any time throughout the contract period, Vodafone will charge an early exit fee.

Things to Remember

When you call to cancel, Vodafone may offer you a better deal to try and keep you as a customer. If you are sure that you definitely want to leave Vodafone, be very clear that you are cancelling and giving the 30 days notice. Any exit fees will be based on the number of months left on the contract and your monthly charges.

Please note that if you want to keep your phone number and transfer it to a new network, you must call to request a PAC (Porting Authorization Code). If you bought a mobile device from Vodafone which is locked to their network, you must request a NUC (Network Unlock Code) so that you can use it on other networks.

Even when you have called to cancel your contract, you should not cancel your Direct Debit until after you have been disconnected. Vodafone will send you a “sorry you are leaving” letter and a final bill for £0; at this point, it is confirmed that your contract is cancelled, and you are free to cancel any standing orders.

If you have a Pay As You Go contract, you don’t have to do anything to cancel as long as you have paid any outstanding bills. If you stop using your Pay As You Go phone number, they will automatically disconnect it after 6 months. You should call customer services if you want to change contracts or get a transfer code.

So that you can still check your old Vodafone bills after disconnection, give Vodafone an alternative phone number and they will send you a security code which will allow you to log in to your old Vodafone account. If you are cancelling a contract for someone who passed away, you will need their death certificate details.

Cancel Online

To cancel your Vodafone contract online, you need to visit the Vodafone website at www.vodafone.co.uk.

Click on the My Vodafone section and it will take you to the login page. Enter your username and password to access your Vodafone account. Send yourself a reset e-mail or call customer services for help if you have forgotten your log-in details, or if you never registered for an online account and don’t want to create one.

When you view your account details, you will be able to check when your contract will end. If you can wait for the remaining number of months before cancelling, you will avoid the exit fee. But if you are ready to cancel, locate the product or service you want to cancel in your account and find the cancellation option.

In some cases, you might not be able to cancel your contract with just the click of a button. Vodafone will want to speak with you to discuss your reasons for leaving in case there is something they can do to make you want to stay. They will also require identity checks whenever you request amendments to a contract.

If you wish to completely delete your Vodafone online account, you will need to contact customer services. They will need to confirm some details with you before they can delete your account, to make sure that it is definitely you requesting this and it is not an accident, and that you don’t have any outstanding payments.

Cancel by Post

If you want to notify Vodafone of your intention to cancel without getting into a discussion with an adviser on the phone, then you can write a letter. You should include your name, address, phone number, account number, and the start and end dates of your contract in the letter. State plainly that you are giving 30 days notice and expect your contract to cease. Sign and date the letter, then send it by recorded delivery which requires a signature, so that you can be sure when Vodafone received it. Vodafone should be in touch with you by either phone, e-mail, or post to notify you of any outstanding balances or exit fees and to provide any PAC or NUC numbers you also requested in your letter. Send your cancellation letter to this address:

Customer Relations Manager
Vodafone Limited
The Connection
RG14 2FN