A Guide on How to Cancel a Wayfair Order in 2019

Wayfair is an American retailer which operates online stores internationally. They sell homewares such as furniture and decor. If you make a mistake or change your mind about a Wayfair order from the website in the UK, then you must cancel it as soon as possible. Follow the steps in this guide to cancel a Wayfair order.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call Wayfair customer services in the UK by diallingĀ 0800 169 0423. You will have to press 1 and agree to them recording the phone call before you can proceed. You should then press 2 to speak to a member of staff at Wayfair about the order that you already placed. It will give you the option to enter in your order number then the hash key, or simply hold the line and wait to connect to an adviser as soon as possible.

2) You will need to provide details such as your order number, e-mail address, or delivery address so that they can locate your order and view its status. You should be able to cancel the order and trigger a refund if Wayfair has not despatched the items yet. If they are already in the shipping process and your order is on the way, then you will have to wait until they deliver it. You can either turn it away at the door or accept the delivery and then arrange a return later. You should call if you receive a delivery with a wrong or damaged item, and you only want to return or exchange that item instead of the whole order (unless it is only that).

3) Make a complaint to Wayfair if you call within a reasonable timeframe and you did not receive an e-mail notifying you about the despatch of your order, but they refuse to cancel it. You should definitely complain if you cannot cancel your order, but they have taken your payment and you have not even received an order confirmation e-mail yet. Ask to escalate your complaint if the customer adviser will not cancel your order.

Cancel Online

As long as your Wayfair order has not been shipped out yet, then you should be able to cancel it. All you have to do is sign into your account on the Wayfair website and then click on the “My Orders” section.

Look at the order in question and the available options will show you what you can do. This might be to get a replacement item, create a return, or cancel the order. If you are unable to do this, then you can ask for help with your order online by contacting Wayfair on social media. You should only tell them your order number and other details in private direct messages on Twitter or Facebook. Otherwise, you can send them an e-mail directly atĀ service@wayfair.co.uk. This isn’t always the fastest option, as you might not receive a reply until it is too late and they have already shipped your order. You can track packages in your account to see when you can expect them to arrive. You can also print off a returns label to send things back. Call if you do not receive confirmation of your return or a refund of the payment within two weeks of returning.

Cancel by Post

If you urgently need to cancel an order before it is sent to you, then your best option is to call. However, if your order is already on its way or you already received it, but you want to cancel, then you can send letters to Wayfair to notify them that you are cancelling this order. It is best to include this letter in the parcel for your item with the returns label on it. If you want to write to Wayfair separately regarding the cancellation of an order, including complaints, then you can send a letter in the post to their head office address. This is in Ireland, so you will have to pay the postage costs. You may also want to use a tracked delivery option to ensure that they receive the letter. Don’t send returns packages to this address as they don’t handle them.

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