A Guide on How to Cancel Your Which? Subscription in 2019

Which? is a brand name for the Consumers’ Association charity and company. They offer dozens of helpful services for consumers – but if your Which? subscription isn’t helping you then this is how you can cancel.

Cancel by Telephone

1. The best way to ensure the cancellation of your Which? subscription is to call them on 029 2267 0000. If you decide to cancel, you must provide your membership details so that they can locate your subscription. This includes your membership number, which is one letter and nine digits. You can find it in your online account or on the letters that come with your Which? magazines. It will look something like A246813579.

2. If you were utilizing a free or discounted trial, you will need to cancel in advance of the end date to avoid continuing your subscription at the standard rate. You can only get a refund if you cancel within 14 days of starting the subscription. After this, you can cancel at any time, but you won’t be entitled to a refund. The payments are taken in advance each month, so if you do not cancel before the billing date, then you should allow your subscription to continue for that month and cancel in advance of the next one. You can request an earlier cancellation date if you like, but you will lose out on the services that you have already paid for.

3. Should you prefer to amend your subscription bundle, you can discuss this with Which? rather than just cancelling the entire thing. You may only want to cancel one element of the bundle. If you do want to close your whole subscription down, be clear about this. You can ask for a letter of confirmation from Which? as evidence of the cancellation. Please note that if you decide to reinstate your subscription later on, you will not be able to get another discounted trial. Customers can only get one subscription trial every 12 months.

Cancel Online

To manage your Which? account and view subscriptions, go to which.co.uk and click the “Log in” button.

This will jump to the login page, where you must enter your e-mail address or username and password to get into your account. If you have any trouble logging in, click the links for a forgotten password or help.

In your Which? account, you will be able to see which services you are currently subscribed to, and access all of them. In the “My Account” section, you should be able to view your payment plan and manage your payments. However, there will not be an option to cancel your subscriptions. You have to contact Which? to ask them to cancel a subscription for you. If you would rather do this online than over the phone, then you can send an e-mail to¬†which@which.co.uk. Use the same cancellation form as in the example below.

Cancel by Post

Another option for cancelling your Which? subscription is to request this by post. Allow enough time for them to receive the letter in advance of your next billing date. If they receive it too late, they will bill you for another month before cancelling. To avoid any disputes about your cancellation notice, send the letter using recorded delivery. You will have proof of delivery and the date if you are accidentally charged again. When you are giving Which? written notice of your intent to cancel, you should follow this example form:

I hereby give notice that I am cancelling my contract of sale of the following goods/for the provision of the following service:

[insert name of product/service]
Ordered on: [insert date here]
Received on: [insert date here]
Name of consumer(s): [insert your name, as the lead subscriber]
Address of consumer(s): [insert the address associated with your account]
Signature of consumer(s): [insert your signature – this does not apply for e-mails]
Date: [insert the date that you are writing this cancellation notice on]

You can send your cancellation form letter to the Which? head office in London at the following address:

Which? Limited
2 Marylebone Road