A Guide on How to Cancel Xbox Game Pass Subscription in 2019

Gamers with an Xbox One console can subscribe with an Xbox Game Pass and access hundreds of games to download and play from the Xbox catalogue. The Game Pass costs £1 for the first month and then £7.99 a month after this trial. If you no longer want to access this content, then you can cancel your subscription. Follow the steps in this guide to find the best way to cancel Xbox Game Pass subscriptions and save money.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Contact Xbox customer support by calling 020 7365 9792. You will have to either press 1 to consent to Microsoft recording and monitoring the call or press 2 to opt out of this. It will then provide a series of links for you to visit for online support. Stay on the line until you can press 2 for other support options.

2) When you reach the main menu, press 1 for Xbox Live. Then press 3 for billing and account management support. It will transfer you to the next available Xbox adviser. When you get through to a person at Xbox, be ready to explain that you need help with cancelling an Xbox Game Pass subscription from your account.

3) If you cancel within 30 days of starting a subscription, then you can ask for a refund. Since the first trial month of Xbox Game Pass only costs £1, this is the amount that you will get back. After 30 days, the next billing period will begin, meaning that Microsoft will charge you for the next month of your subscription. You can cancel after that and they will not charge you again, but you will not get a refund for that month.

Cancel Online

You must log into your Xbox account if you want to send messages or make amendments. You have to go online either on your computer or mobile phone to access your full Microsoft account in order to do this.

In your account, go to the Services & Subscriptions section. There will be a list of all of your subscriptions, including the Xbox Game Pass. Click on the “Payment & Billing” link for the Xbox Game Pass subscription and then click to cancel it. You will have to select “Confirm cancellation” and then wait for an e-mail from Microsoft confirming that they have cancelled it for you. You can only “cancel” within the first 30 days – after this, you can simply turn off recurring billing to prevent autorenewal. Your subscription will expire automatically at the end of the billing period and you will not be charged the following month. Obviously, this means that you will no longer be able to access any of the Xbox Game Pass games or services anymore.

Cancel by Post

As an online service, it does not make much sense to try to cancel Xbox subscriptions by post. If you really want to write a letter to Xbox, then you can send it to Microsoft’s UK head office address below. However, by the time it processes through various departments, if it doesn’t get lost along the way, you might have already been charged for another month of the subscription. If you have had ongoing problems trying to cancel a subscription online or over the phone, then you might want to post a letter with a formal written complaint. You should send it by tracked post so that you have dates in case you need to escalate the issue.

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