A full guide on how to cancel your Xercise4less membership in 2019

Find out everything you need to know about cancelling your Xercise4Less membership with our complete guide for 2019.

Cancel by telephone

To cancel your membership to Xercise4Less you can phone the number and follow the steps:

  1. Have your W number (membership number) ready before you phone
  2. Explain that you would like to cancel your membership and follow the steps given by the customer service advisor

Cancel online

Xercise4Less have made it easy to cancel your membership online with a dedicated form for you to fill out on their website, xercise4less.co.uk/membership/cancel-your-membership/

When you want to cancel your membership online you will need to provide your W number, as well as information about your contact, the club that you use as well as personal details like your address.

After you have completed the form you will receive an email from Xercise4Less with details about your cancellation.

Freeze your membership

It’s possible to freeze your membership for one month at a time, and this can be done for three months in a 12-month period. To freeze your membership will cost you £5 a month, however there are certain instances when you don’t have to pay to freeze your account.

Ring the number above to freeze your Xercise4Less membership, and find out if the reason for doing so is valid so you don’t have to pay for it each month.

When you freeze your membership you will have to provide information to head office as to why you are opting to do this. You will need to give 14 days notice before your next direct debit date too.

Cancelling membership in contract

If you’re still within your 12-month contract with Xercise4Less it is still possible to cancel your membership, however, there are certain criteria that must be met to do so.

These reasons include moving house that is 15 miles away from any Xercise4Less gym, a long-term medical illness or injury or the loss of income through redundancy.

You will need t to provide proof of these when you ring to cancel your membership.