A Guide on How to Cancel Your Amazon Order in 2019

When you place an order on the Amazon UK website, you have a window of time to change your mind. If you decide to cancel your Amazon order, read this guide. It will explain the best ways to cancel an order.

Cancel by Telephone

If you want to speak to a person to make sure that the cancellation goes through, follow these steps below:

  1. Call Amazon customer services on 0800 279 7234. There will be several pre-recorded messages, but if you hold the line through these a member of staff on the Amazon customer services team will answer your call.
  2. Before you can request that they cancel an order, you will have to answer some questions. Amazon needs to verify your identity. They will ask for information such as your name, postal address, or e-mail address.
  3. Once they verify your Amazon account, you can ask them to cancel the order. Make sure you have the right order number to give them. They will tell you if they are able to cancel it and what your further options are.

Cancel Online

The easiest way to cancel an Amazon order is on the website, through your Amazon account. This is likely the same way that you placed the order originally. Go to amazon.co.uk and hover over “Your Account” in the top right corner. Press the sign-in button to access your account if you are not already signed in. Then hover over “Your Account” again, and click on “Your Orders” on the drop-down menu to view the orders.

Now you will be able to see your most recent orders. If you placed an order within the last 30 minutes, you will see a “Cancel Items” button. This means that it is still possible to cancel the order, so press it quickly.

This will take you to a new page with a drop-down menu. Choose from the list of reasons to explain why you are cancelling your order. Or you can ignore it and simply press the “Cancel selected items” button.

Pressing this button will take you to a notification page that your order has now been cancelled. You can choose to continue shopping on the website. To make sure it was cancelled, click on “Your Orders” again.

In the “Your Orders” section, click on the “Cancelled Orders” tab. The order that you have just cancelled should be listed in this section now. If it is not there, check the main section again and look at its status.

Once the 30-minute window has passed, you might still be able to cancel an order. The “Cancel Items” button will no longer be available, but you can press the “Contact Seller” button instead to discuss this.

The next page will have a drop-down menu with reasons for contacting the seller. Select “Cancel Order.”

If the seller is preparing your order already, you will need to send them a message asking them to cancel.

Write your message in the box, explaining in less than 4,000 characters that you need to cancel the order.

Unfortunately, the seller may not see the message in time or respond. You can keep checking your account to view the status of the order. Amazon will send you an e-mail confirmation if the order is cancelled. They will also notify you by e-mail when you receive a message from the seller. If they already shipped the order you will have to wait until it arrives and then start the returns procedure. See below for how to return this.

Cancel by Post

With the speed of online orders, sending a cancellation request by post would never get there in time. Your order and the letter would probably cross each other in the post! However, if you were too late to cancel an order before the sender mailed it to you, then you have the option of returning it back to the sender by post and asking for a refund. The first step is to go back into the “Your Orders” section and view the order. This time, you should select the “Return or Replace Items” button to arrange a return for your unwanted order.

On the next page, another drop-down menu lists a series of reasons for returning the item. Sometimes the reasons will be specific to the type of item, such as jewellery or an electronic device. Select the appropriate reason and press either of the “Continue” buttons to proceed. You can choose something like “Accidental order” or “No longer needed” if you’re returning it due to changing your mind after you placed the order.

The next page will tell you what your options are for returning the order. They will depend on the specific returns policy for the item and the seller. Amazon will tell you what should happen next and how long this should take. You can review this information and then click to submit your return request. After that, you can only wait to hear back from the seller. If they approve the return, then they will tell you what to do to send the order back. Usually, you will need to print a returns label that they provide, re-package the parcel if necessary, then take it to a post office. Ask for a receipt and keep it safe so you will have proof of postage.

Once the seller receives your returned parcel, they will trigger the refund. The time it takes for the money to appear in your bank account depends on your bank. It could take up to seven business days. Contact the seller again by clicking the “Contact Seller” button beside the order in “Your Orders” to chase the refund.