A Guide on How to Cancel Barclays Tech Pack in 2019

Barclays is one of the largest British banks which also operates internationally. It offers many personal and business financial services, from accounts to investments to loans to insurance cover. One of their insurance offerings is the Tech Pack for covering mobile phones and other gadgets against loss, theft, breakdown, or accidental damage. If you no longer want one, here is how to cancel a Barclays Tech Pack.

Cancel by Telephone

0800 158 3199

1) Call Barclays on the number and hold until it tells you to enter your card number or telephone banking number. You can also press the star key for further options. This will give you the option to enter your sort code, or press star again if you do not have it. Then you can state the reason you are calling in a few words.

2) Otherwise, you can wait to transfer to the automated switchboard menu. It will then give you the option to press 3 for mobile phone and gadget insurance. This will transfer you to Lifestyle Services, who provide the cover on behalf of Barclays. Hold to transfer to them or press 1 to talk to an adviser at Barclays instead.

3) Some insurance packs have cancellation restrictions, but the Tech Pack does not. You should be able to cancel the cover from your next monthly payment date without having to pay any extra fees. However, it will mean losing the benefits that come with the Tech Pack, including the fee-free overdraft up to £200.

Cancel Online

You may have registered for an account on the official Lifestyle Services Group website for Barclays Tech Packs. This is where you can register your devices and make claims. If you log into your account then you can see your cover details and claim history. You will need to know all of this before you cancel the cover.

There is not an option to cancel the cover in the account, however. To remove a Tech Pack from your Barclays account, you will have to contact Barclays. If you want to do this online, then you can log into your online banking account as long as you have registered for one. You can send them secure messages.

Barclays may need to get further confirmation from you before they can validate your request to cancel a Tech Pack. You can arrange for them to call you or book an appointment with an adviser at a bank branch.

Cancel by Post

If you have a query about your Tech Pack before you remove it, and you would prefer to send this in the post, then you can write to Lifestyle Services at the address below. Include your Tech Pack customer details so that they can identify your account. You may have questions about what will happen if you remove the Tech Pack after making a claim for a mobile or gadget under their insurance cover policy.

Lifestyle Services Group Limited
PO Box 98
NE24 9DL

If you want to completely cancel the Barclays Tech Pack by post, then you can do so by writing to Barclays:

LE87 2BB