An Entire Guide to Cancelling Your Car Tax 2019

If you’re looking for how to cancel your car tax, you can find out all the information of how to do so on this page.

Cancel via Telephone Call

To cancel your car tax you need to let the DVLA know that you no longer own your car or it is off the road in a garage for example. You can do this by calling the DVLA contact number. Follow the steps below to cancel your car tax via phone call:

  1. Make sure you have all of your necessary information such as the 11 digit number that you can find in your vehicle log book, any recent tax reminder letters and your personal information as you will need to provide a member of the DVLA staff with this information to confirm your identity and vehicle.
  2. Call the DVLA contact number on 0844 453 0118.
  3. Listen to the options given and choose the option relating to vehicle tax.
  4. Follow the instructions and a member of the DVLA will be able to cancel your car tax and give you a refund for any remaining months you have paid for.

Cancel Your Car Tax Online

Step 1 – Go to the website

car tax cancel online

Firstly, go to the website and select the ‘driving and transport’ option.

Step 2 – Select ‘Vehicle Tax, MOT and Insurance’

car tax cancel online

Next, you need to select the ‘ Vehicle Tax, MOT and Insurance’ option from the driving and transport menu.

Step 3 – Choose the ‘Cancel your vehicle tax and get a refund’ option

car tax cancel online

Under the vehicle tax, MOT and insurance menu, select the ‘cancel your vehicle tax and get a refund’.

Step 4 – Read the information

car tax cancel online

On this page, there is all the information you will need to know about cancelling your vehicle tax with the DVLA. You should read all of this information so you understand what you need to do.

Step 5 – Select the option that is relevant to the reason you’re cancelling your car tax

car tax cancel online

car tax cancel online





Finally, you need to select the choice that is relevant tot he reason you’re cancelling your car tax, once you have done this you need to follow the instructions on that individual page and you will have cancelled your car tax.

Cancel by Post

You can also cancel your car tax via post, but this is the longest method. To cancel by post simply send a letter with your information included such as your numbers from your log book and your personal details as well as an explanation as to why you would need to cancel your car tax. Your application for cancellation will be evaluated and you should hear back within 2 weeks.

The DVLA address is:

SA99 1AR