A Quick Guide on How to Cancel Experian CreditExpert in 2019

Keeping track of your credit score and improving it is important, but sometimes credit check subscriptions can make things worse. If this is the case for you, read this and learn how to cancel Experian CreditExpert.

Cancel by Telephone

1. The best way to make sure that Experian cancels your subscription upon request is to call them on 0344 481 0800. When you get through to the automated switchboard, hit option 3 for “thinking of leaving us.”

2. Make sure that you have made the most of your subscription, such as identifying errors in your credit report and getting them fixed first. After this, if you no longer need access to your credit score, you can feel free to leave with no consequences to your report. Let the adviser know that you are leaving Experian with no need for their services anymore. They will try to persuade you to keep the subscription, so be firm.

3. If you are cancelling the 30-day free trial, you need to contact Experian before the 30 days expire. They will automatically begin charging you £14.99 a month for the continued subscription if you don’t. These services only stop on the next billing date, so if you just missed one you will have to pay for that month. You do have a 14-day cooling off period to cancel, but Experian will only refund you £10 out of the £14.99.

4. Make sure that you request cancellation of ALL subscriptions to Experian. Some customers found there were other paid services that they were not aware they were subscribed to until the charges from Experian after a free trial period. The adviser should tell you which services you are signed up for so you can opt out.

Cancel Online

You can try to cancel your Experian CreditExpert subscription through your account. Go to their website at creditexpert.co.uk and hit the “log in” button to enter your details. Once you are signed in, you should be able to navigate your account information to find your subscriptions and select an option for cancellation.

If you cannot find an option to cancel your subscription in your account, then you can still cancel online by sending an e-mail to customerservices@uk.experian.com. You should follow the same format as the letter below. Unless you’re cancelling within 14 days of the activation of the subscription, you won’t get a refund. But at least you won’t be charged £14.99 every month from now on after cancelling Experian CreditExpert.

Cancel by Post

Another option is to notify Experian that you want to cancel your subscription by post. Your letter must be sent by recorded delivery, at your own expense. That way you can see when it was signed for and count the date they received your letter as the official cancellation date. You can e-mail if you would rather not pay for postage, and it will get to Experian faster as well. Your cancellation letter should follow this structure:

I hereby give notice that I cancel my contract of sale for the supply of the following service: Experian CreditExpert.

Name of consumer:

Address of consumer:

Service reference number:

Signature of consumer (only if this form is notified in paper)


You can find your service reference number in any e-mails you received from Experian, or in your online account. The mailing address you will need to send your letter to in order to cancel Experian is as follows:

Experian Limited
Lambert House
PO Box 7710
NG80 7WE