A Guide on First Choice Holiday Cancellation in 2019

First Choice is part of the TUI Group of holiday companies in the UK, which used to be called Thomson. The First Choice Holidays part focuses on package holidays, including flights and accommodation, to popular summer holiday destinations. Always read through their terms and conditions before booking a holiday with First Choice. Below are some ways to contact First Choice if you need to discuss cancellation.

Cancel by Telephone

1) Call First Choice Holidays on 0203 451 2688 if you need to cancel your First Choice booking. When the numbered options are listed, press 2 to amend or cancel a booking. Then, from the next list, press 4. This will connect you to the next available advisor at First Choice Holidays who can help you with your holiday.

2) Make sure that you have your holiday details ready so that they can check your booking. This includes the booking reference number, your full name as the lead booker, and the dates and locations of your trip. They will be able to tell you the current conditions of your booking and what the cancellation options are.

3) Enquire about amendments to your booking as well, because it may cost less to pay amendment fees and still be able to go on holiday than to cancel and lose most or all of what you have paid. Once you have made the choice to amend or cancel, they will tell you how much you now owe. You will have to pay this and they will send confirmation of the changes to your booking. Call them again if you have a complaint.

Cancel Online

To view your booking and the options available, go to Manage Your Booking and log in. You must be the lead passenger to do this. It requires providing your name, booking reference, and date of departure for your holiday. You can make changes or cancel completely yourself. It will show you the costs of doing so and you can pay the fees there and then if you choose to. Then contact your holiday insurance provider.

If there is a problem or you have questions about amendments or cancellation of your booking, there will be a live chat option. When live chat is not available, you could contact First Choice by sending an e-mail to customer.services@firstchoice.co.uk instead. Contact them if you have concerns about refunds or fees.

Cancel by Post

As the post is much slower, it is not advisable to request to cancel your booking in a letter. First Choice will count the cancellation from the date that they receive the letter, which could mean fewer days before your departure date and more money lost. However, if you want to complain about the cancellation process, you can still write a letter to the First Choice head office. You can send it to them at the TUI head office address:

First Choice Holidays
Wigmore House
Wigmore Lane