A Guide on How to Cancel Marks and Spencer Credit Card in 2019

Marks and Spencer may be a high street store known for food, clothing, and homewares, but it also has other branches of business. One of these is M&S Bank. If you have an account with M&S Bank, you may decide that you want to cancel a Marks and Spencer credit card. Follow the steps here to cancel the card.

Cancel by Telephone

1) To cancel your Marks and Spencer credit card by phone, call 0333 014 8000. At first, their automated answering service will list off a series of choices. You should press the number associated with M&S Bank which is 1. After pressing 1, it will connect you to an adviser at M&S Bank as soon as someone is available.

2) Hold for an adviser if the line is busy. As soon as you do get through, explain that you want to cancel the card. You will have to provide relevant information to confirm your identity and pass the security checks so the adviser can locate your M&S Bank account and discuss it with you. They will confirm the terms and conditions of your credit card and tell you what will happen if you do cancel. This includes any payments which are still due and any loss of benefits. For example, cancelling the card will affect your M&S rewards.

3) If you are a Premium Club member, you may decide to cancel this extra from your card rather than just cancelling the entire card. Or if your card is missing, then you might just want to report this in order to get a replacement card rather than cancelling it completely. In any case, the M&S adviser will discuss options.

Cancel Online

If you register for online banking with M&S, then you can sign in through the online portal. This will allow you to access your account information and manage the account, from statements to payments to rewards.

After signing in with your credentials, you can view the conditions of your Marks and Spencer credit card and the Rewards points which you have collected with it. You will need to contact M&S Bank using secure messaging through your online account, or by calling on the phone, to discuss the transfer of Rewards to another card. If you are closing your M&S Bank account entirely, then you will lose all of the Rewards too.

Cancel by Post

If you prefer to have a paper trail, then you could write a letter to M&S Bank notifying them that you want to cancel your M&S Bank credit card from a specified date. Include your account details so that M&S Bank can verify them and confirm your cancellation request. They will contact you using the details you provide to go through the effects of the closure with you. Remember to use a secure postage method like signed-for delivery so that you can track it. If you would rather not wait to hear back from them, it is faster to call on the phone. Your other option would be to visit your nearest M&S Bank branch to cancel your credit card in person instead. If you do decide to write a cancellation letter, then you can post this to M&S Bank here:

M&S Bank
PO Box 10565
51 Saffron Road
LE18 9FT