A Simple Guide on How to Cancel National Trust Membership in 2019

If you would like to know how to cancel your National Trust Membership follow the steps on this page.

Cancel Via Phone Call

If you would like to cancel your membership via a telephone call follow these steps:

  1. You need to make sure you have all the relevant information in front of you such as your membership number and any other information that is relevant to your membership.
  2. Then you can call the National Trust Membership team on 0344 800 1895
  3. Inform a member of the membership care team that you would like to cancel your membership. Provide them with any relevant information they ask for.
  4. Depending on your type of membership you may be eligible for a refund if this is the case once your membership is cancelled the refund with be sent to the account it was taken out of.

Cancel Via Letter

If you would prefer to cancel by sending the National Trust a letter you can do so by writing down your membership information and some personal information such as your name, birthday and address. Next, you need to write that you wish to cancel your membership and state any reasons why if you wish so. You can send your letter to the National Trust by posting it to:

The National Trust,
PO Box 574,
S63 3FH.

Cancel Via Email

To cancel via email you need to include your full name, member number and address as well as any other personal information linked to your account and state that you wish to cancel your membership. You can include any reasons you want to cancel your membership if you wish to. You need to send your email to enquiries@nationaltrust.org.uk.