A Guide on How to Cancel Postcode Lottery in 2019

People’s Postcode Lottery is a subscription requiring customers to pay £10 a month. This enters them into lottery draws for the chance to win big, while also donating to charities. However, some people quickly get tired of losing £10 per month but never winning. Here is how to cancel your Postcode Lottery subscription.

Cancel by Telephone

The most convenient way to make changes to your Postcode Lottery subscription is with a phone call. This is because they will need to check your personal details and confirm changes with you. You can still make requests in other ways (see further down this page) but anything concerning payments requires calling up.

1. Dial 0844 257 5906 to reach the PPL head office, and then press 3 to speak to a member of the customer services team about your existing subscription. They will take your call as soon as they are able to answer.

2. When you get through to a person, explain to them that you want to cancel your subscription. You could reduce your number of subscriptions if you don’t want to cancel all of them (you can have 1, 2, or 3 tickets). If you have difficulties with gambling, you can request self-exclusion from PPL for a fixed length of time.

3. If you are cancelling a subscription, whether it is just one, or two or three, you will not get a refund of any previous payments. This is because you will have already been entered into the draws for that month. However, after this, PPL will not take a payment from you again. You can also contact your bank if you had set up a Direct Debit for the subscription to make sure that they cancel it. You can re-subscribe at any time.

Cancel Online

Previously, Postcode Lottery customers could view their subscriptions online by logging in. As you can see, there is currently no My Account option on the website. This is because PPL have taken it down while they work on improving its functionality. Until they reinstate My Account, you cannot log in to cancel anything.

How to Cancel Postcode Lottery in 2018

That doesn’t mean that you can’t cancel your Postcode Lottery subscription online, though. If you prefer to communicate over the internet, you can use the live chat to discuss your cancellation options. Click on “Play” at the top, but ignore the part where you sign up as you will already have a subscription. Click the green button to the right side and the live chat window will pop up. An adviser will join the conversation.

How to Cancel Postcode Lottery in 2018

Alternatively, so you have a record of it, you could send your cancellation request by e-mail. For security purposes, you must include your full name, address, and date of birth in your e-mail. Do not include any payment details. You should send this at least three days before your next payment date to allow enough time for them to receive and process your request. Their e-mail address is info@postcodelottery.co.uk.

Cancel by Post

Another way for you to leave this service is to cancel your Postcode Lottery subscription by post. However, you will need to pay to send it by a recorded delivery method. This way you will have evidence of when the request was received in case they don’t cancel your subscription. Delivery speed is important if it is close to your next billing date, because PPL won’t refund you if you end up paying for another month. Letters need to include the same details as an e-mail would above. Otherwise, PPL will need to contact you before doing anything about your subscription, which could take even longer. Send letters to PPL’s head office:

People’s Postcode Lottery
28 Charlotte Square
United Kingdom